Reality of Imprinting Chi and Water

Douglas J. Matzke at

This paper is a modification of paper presented at 1997 Advanced Water Sciences Symposium


1.0 Introduction to the Reality of Chi
2.0 The Reality of Imprinting Chi and EMF
3.0 Theory for Imprinting of Water
4.0 Conclusions
5.0 References


Water is unmistakably required for life. Likewise, the relationship between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and living systems is also a hot research topic. Some of this EMF work is motivated by trying to develop a holistic approach to medicine using a western mechanistic paradigm. In contrast, Eastern medical knowledge and practice based on Chi (or Prana) does not conveniently fit into the current western scientific paradigm. Eastern medical practice is based on the understanding that Chi is just as essential to life as water. Essentially water and Chi are both "fluids of life", one visible and the other invisible.

This paper supports the reality of Chi by describing a brief background about Chi and water from the Eastern perspective and augments that understanding by describing the programmable Chi generation technology of Yury Khronos, Ph.D.. His understanding and technology are essential steps toward building bridges between electromagnetic fields, Chi and water in regards to living systems. His newly created Chi balancing patterns were developed in collaboration with Dong Chen, an Eastern trained medical specialist.

The second section will discuss the reality of imprinting Chi by describing the relationship between electromagnetic fields and Chi based on Dr. Khronos research. Finally, this paper will discuss the role of imprinting "patterns" in water from both the EMF, Chi, and informational perspectives.

The approach to understanding these paradoxical perspectives will be based on research and arguments that suggest Chi has both energy and information like properties. A holographic theory of imprinting water is presented that unifies quantum-info-gravitational field ideas. This paper concludes by stating that perhaps most imprinting in water might include Chi, even when electromagnetics is used as the carrier for imprinting information.

1.0 Introduction to the Reality of Chi

Eastern civilizations have known about Chi for thousands of years and this understanding forms the basis of their medical and religious practices. The western culture, especially physicists, doctors, and scientists have never been really convinced of the realty of Chi, because our western scientists "could not prove it exists" by currently understood measurement techniques. This scientific process is also hampered because Chi descriptions are discounted since they do not conveniently fit in our western scientific paradigm.

According to eastern tradition, Chi is essentially an invisible life force (because we currently do not have machines that can detect it) that is in and around all living things. This understanding states, that we would not be alive without Chi surrounding our living systems, just as we rely on water. Additionally, this Eastern tradition states that Chi is naturally part of the universe, especially all living things, and that the balance and regulation of Chi flow is essential to health and life.

Eastern discovery, understanding, knowledge, and therefore belief, about this invisible life force has been accepted for thousands of years. Since Chi is a natural part of living things and consciousness, it was therefore studied using mankind s own personal awareness of Chi. Their ancient search for knowledge took mental discipline and was effectively the "advanced technology" of the era.

This perspective correlates with the message from Willis Harman [1] who has lectured for many years that subjective experience is a valid method of scientific discovery. This is obvious for exploring human perceptions such as pain, color, scent, taste, and even dreams, and also applies to Chi. This personal awareness of Chi was the basis of Dr. Khronos methodology[2] for developing his Chi generator technology. The Russian born, Dr. Khronos has a Ph.D.. in physics and has written many publications, books, and patents. He also developed his own personal awareness of Chi to help discover and explore the categorization of his many generated Chi patterns.

Human awareness of Chi is currently the only "tool" available for the measurement of Chi. Finding people who are sensitive and aware of Chi has been difficult in the West, but fortunately extremely talented Chi masters have moved to the West due to political/economic conditions in their home countries. Dong Chen is a Chinese educated, Eastern medical specialist and Chi master with exceptional sensitivity and knowledge of Chi. Master Chen was hand picked by his master at a very young age to start his training with Chi.

1.1 Physicist Meets Chi Master

During the last year Master Chen and Dr. Khronos met and started a collaborative effort to accelerate the understanding of the programmable Chi generation technology and develop the formulas for medically useful Chi patterns based on Eastern medical knowledge of Chi. Master Chen was amazed by Dr. Khronos Chi generation technology because in the East, they have always been taught that Chi could only be generated by living things.

Master Chen's understanding and awareness of Chi has confirmed Dr. Khronos' claims of actually generating Chi. Master Chen has also certified that since the synthesized Chi is not "noisy", it is equivalent to "Master Chi". Master Chi is a very pure quality of Chi patterns produced by a Chi master with over twenty years of intense training.

In addition to Chi masters who are formally trained in Chi awareness, some people are naturally aware of Chi and can reportably see "auras" around people. In anecdotal encounters with people with this ability, they report seeing unusual geometric visual shapes and patterns being emitted from Dr. Khronos Chi generators.

These anecdotal reports support the notion that people are directly aware of Chi. To a western scientist who does not already believe in Chi, none of this "anecdotal" history of Chi would be effective "evidence" of the reality of invisible Chi. We propose that Chi generators could be used in a formal double blind study to "prove" people are truly aware of Chi and also likewise prove that Chi must exist.

This proposed study could use Chi masters or Chi generators as sources of Chi. The one major methodology issue related to this experiment is if people can "truly" see Chi, then the experiment is only truly "blind" to the people who reject the notion that Chi exists at all and are effectively "color blind" to Chi. Special care must be taken in designing this experiment due to these factors. Informal versions of these experiments are reported later in this paper. The rest of this paper is written with the understanding that Chi does exist and western science will comprehend it in the near future.

1.2 Chinese Regarding Chi and Water

The Chinese have historically educated people about "invisible" Chi. Many times they used water as a physical analogy for describing Chi. Water was traditionally used as a symbol for life in the Eastern temples and their fountains and baths. Life is about movement and both Chi and water must be flowing to be healthful. "good water" is circulating and fresh where as "bad water" is stagnant and stale. Likewise, Chi must be flowing like a waterfall or fountain to be useful.

As we will explore in this conference, water is really more than an analogy for Chi. The spectrum of matter ranging from dense earth, through fluid water and air, and finally into light and Chi is a transition of solidness to fluidity, and also from the visible into the invisible. It is the Eastern understanding that "good water" and "fresh air" both actually contain Chi. Scientists also know that oxygen content in air and dissolved in water are also important to the "freshness" of air and water. Oxygen content alone should not negate the Chi properties because oxygen and Chi have been historically linked [3].

1.3 Western Science Methods and Chi

Chi is still paradoxical and presents difficult to traditional western scientific understanding. Since Chi is a life force or energy, then "objective" measurements should be possible. This issue about "objectivity" and "measurement" has become increasingly complex and not as cut and dried as once thought. Modern research methodology dealing with the interaction of human attention and health were forced to turn to statistical methods. This is primarily because comprehending the "placebo effect" forced medical researchers to use double and triple blind statistical methods for showing the effectiveness of traditional medicines as well as complementary treatments.

This statistical approach for doing double blind research with indirectly measurable phenomena is also the tool physicists depend on for exploring the atomic domain of quarks. Quarks are really only quantum probability distributions and are therefore by definition "not measurable". Quantum fields are not "energy" fields at all, but really "information" fields that effect energy dynamics. This is paradoxical in the same way as the particle and wave duality were thought to be contradictory earlier in this century. An electron is both particle and wave depending on how you measure it, and light is both wave and particle also depending how you measure it. Observer and thing interact upon measurement.

Based on our research, Chi has both information and energy properties, which is why western scientific theory finds it paradoxical. Fortunately, over the last twenty years, western knowledge of quantum mechanics and information theory has combined to provide a framework [4,5,6] for understanding the non-physical information fields of quantum mechanics in regard to quantum gravity theories. Just as Einstein showed that energy and matter are equivalent, these modern theorists are showing that energy and information are equivalent.

A "bit" is a "real" physical entity (not purely a mathematical abstraction). Theoretical work has shown that when a bit of information is thrown into a black hole, the black hole increases it's surface area by a minimum discrete area (near Planck s area). Black holes are really bit buckets. This must be true for thermodynamics to be consistent with quantum gravity theories. Of course, time and space are emergent properties from both relativity, quantum mechanics, and these combined theories give rise to spatial non-locality (ala EPR) and temporal simultaneity issues.

Information and energy are different aspects of the same thing, but information consistency laws naturally give rise to spatial and temporal paradoxes. Traditional thinking about energy (as 3 space + time metric) as applied to Chi, also seems paradoxical unless it is moved into higher dimensional supersymetry models [7] of the universe, developed for unified field theories. The next section will discuss this relationship between non-locality, information, Chi and quantum theories. These systems of thought may all have non-physical information mechanisms in common.

1.4 Quantum Mechanics, Information, and Chi

Chi and quantum mechanics seem to share many properties, such as non-locality and information dynamics. Therefore, Eastern belief that Chi is in everything may have been a precursor to understanding about quantum mechanics. Chi may be biased more towards a pure information field, similar to quantum probability distributions. In other words, Chi may not be encoded as physical matter and energy. John Wheeler [8] theorized that pregeometric spacetime building blocks were required to support energetic properties of zero point energy requirements in empty space. These same pregeometric spacetime building blocks could also have topological oriented informational properties required for non-local information dynamics associated with human energy fields [9,10,11].

Information has historically been a second class citizen in physics, with matter and energy taking the primary concern. Traditionally, since scientists assumed that information was not primary, matter and energy configurations were required to "encode" information. The newest theoretical "quantum-info-gravity" research is changing all this starting with the perspective that information mechanics may be most primitive [12]. From this perspective, matter and energy dynamics must evolve out of the information consistency mechanisms that lead to physically realizable eigenvalues. It is logical to think that energy conservation laws, and even spacetime itself are derived from informational oriented consistency laws, or as John Wheeler describes as "It from Bit"[13].

How can information exist without matter and energy encoding? Quark properties such as charge, spin, and charm may represent such information encoding examples. Pregeometric spacetime elements with topological properties also contain structure that could represent information coding. Such non-matter and non-energy information encoding systems will most likely not be directly measurable using energy and matter probes based on currently understood measurement theory.

Models of the universe that combine gravity, quantum mechanics, and especially information mechanics, could create a whole new back plane for looking at the relationship between the reality of Chi and imprinting in water. Hopefully this introduction has given you a strong sense that Chi exists, and western scientists have only recently arrived at a level of knowledge to comprehend and include Chi within their ever expanding framework.

Perhaps, human thought, emotions, and intent based on Chi mechanisms could also be understood as information patterns that effect energy dynamics [14] and lead to accepted understanding about the placebo effect. It is clear that more theoretical work and experimental research are needed before any final conclusions can be made regarding the structure of the universe that includes Chi and consciousness.

2.0 The Reality of Imprinting Chi and EMF

In an effort to understand the unification of all these theories, the this section describes in more detail the relationship between ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) and Chi. Understanding the relationship between Chi and is essential to unraveling the research and theory surrounding health and water. Dr. Khronos has completed research that more clearly defines the relationship between EMF and Chi. Currently there is no clear proof that Chi is completely independent from EMF, but strong evidence exists that EMF can at least be a carrier for Chi.

Dr. Khronos' inventions include two separate pieces of technology. His original Chi generator can be programmed to produce different kinds of Chi patterns. Since his Chi generator equipment is rather bulky and expensive, he also created a delivery system by inventing a process for imprinting his generated Chi patterns onto conventional magnetic audio tape. His Chi imprinted Vital Energy tape technology (general meditation and self help tapes) provides many clues towards understanding the relationship between EMF and Chi. The importance of human awareness of Chi was key to this technology development process[2].

2.1 Chi Imprinting Using EMF Carrier

Vital energy tapes are conventional audio tapes and Chi is literally imprinted using the magnetic properties of the audio tape as a carrier. When vital energy tapes are played through a conventional audio system, the electronics plays what appears to be white noise, and this acts as a carrier for the imprinted Chi pattern. The Chi is not imprinted as sound, since the paper speaker cones can be removed with the same effect. The Chi playback uses the audio system electronics and speaker magnetics as the carrier for the Chi pattern. An experiment has been proposed to use a bifilar wound magnetic core to cancel the EMF effects and to use a trained observer to see the impact of the perceived Chi.

The best result with vital energy tapes occurs when using speakers without a metal grill. Conventional speakers are preferred over headphones because of the limited range of pattern from headphones. Under these conditions, the Chi master has certified that the Chi pattern from the vital energy tapes is identical to the original Chi generation machine.

Conventional dubbing of vital energy tapes causes a very large drop in perceived Chi when playing the copy, and the manufacturing process of the tapes compensates for this. Commercially available vital energy tapes have Chi patterns and appropriate music on one side and only Chi patterns on the other side.

First hand reports by a Chi sensitive indicates that sound can also be used as a carrier for Chi emitted by musicians during a live concert. The difference between live performances and perfect audio reproductions is most likely the Chi has been virtually stripped out in manufacturing process (similar to dubbing of vital energy tapes).

According to Dr. Khronos, digitally sampled DAT tapes do not work as well as conventional analog masters, because the time sampled properties for Chi is different than time sampled music. Music CDs are not expected to be effective because of the time sampling issues and there is not any magnetic medium for imprinting the Chi. In spite of the known problems with time sampled Chi, vital energy tapes have been successfully played over time sampled telephone lines, as well as radio broadcasts with perception of Chi reported on the other end.

2.2 Experience with Chi Imprinted Tapes

Small hand held tape players have been successfully used at conferences and one phone conversations to demonstrate vital energy tapes with the following predictable results.

The perception of Chi from vital energy tapes falls into roughly three groups. People with no perception of Chi report nothing. People with some perception report tingling or warmness in their extremities, especially fingers and toes. Very Chi aware people have a variety of images, feelings, sensations, and other experiences. Some very Chi sensitive people report the tapes to be uncomfortably strong.

When playing vital energy tapes, advanced meditators report very strong mental images and feelings. While using these tapes during meditation, people have reported very accelerated rates of reaching their normal meditative states. Based on these reports, it is strongly recommended that individuals never play the commercially available vital energy tapes while driving a motor vehicle.

In relatively controlled testing of people's first impressions, the tapes are played without telling them what pattern has been chosen. People have very different responses to different tapes yet there is some consistency across the group for the same tape. A lot of other data exists about reports during groups experiencing vital energy tapes.

2.3 Direct Interaction with Static Chi Field

The most interesting aspect of Chi imprinting in vital energy tapes, is that the tapes can have an effect without playing them. We routinely ask people to hold tapes in their hand as a quick screening of their Chi sensitivity. People who have advanced awareness and training can hold a vital energy tape in their hand and can directly feel and describe the pattern on the tape. Doctors and therapists with acupuncture training can indicate what energy meridians are effected by some of the experimental 2nd generation tapes we have developed and what organs they may influence. This kind of report supports the notion of Chi as an information field as well as an energy field.

For these reasons, carrying a vital energy tape in a pocket or briefcase also has a subtle effect on a person, but requires a longer period of time. At meetings, Chi aware people have walked up to individuals carrying vital energy tapes and politely asked why their energy patterns were so unusual. For these reasons, people who are very sensitive to Chi should perhaps not store a large number of vital energy tapes in rooms where they spend a great deal of time because it may be too strong for them.

In an informal experiment in Dallas, at the office of doctor who specializes in environmentally sensitive people, one of his electromagnetic sensitive patients was asked to hold an experimental vital energy tape in his hand and report his impression. Some of the tapes he enjoyed holding and others caused him to pass out, which is the same effect as when he was near a large electric field.

2.4 Differences Between Chi and EMF

The data reported here regarding people's reactions to vital energy tapes is anecdotal. The interesting aspect of this data is it can not be currently explained from an understanding of electromagnetic field theory. People generally do not know what song is on an audio tape by holding it in their hand. People do not have an impact from carrying audio music tapes in their pocket. People do not know that people are carrying audio tapes in their pockets from across the room. People normally do not experience soft white noise quietly playing from a hand held tape player is "very strong". People do not usually see visual geometric patterns being emitted from speaker magnets. All of this anecdotal reports regarding people s reactions to vital energy tapes is first hand and adds up to a formidable story.

Many of these effects can be studied more formally and we are making plans to do that kind of basic research as part of the Seraph group charter. Based on our current understanding regarding EMF and Chi, it appears that Chi has clearly separate patterns compared to the measurable EMF content of Chi imprinted tapes. This is conclusive because we know the kind of patterns that were used in the original generator. This evidence allows the conclusion that electromagnetics can be used as a carrier for Chi, but they are definitely not equivalent.

Chi also appears to have an atemporal (or static) aspect to it because of the reported direct perception of vital energy imprinted tapes, without playing them. Anecdotal non-local effects have also been reported using remote human intention being boosted by vital energy tapes. One possibility that can not be ruled out is that phone line transmission of Chi is actually a non-local propagation of Chi using EMF as a coherence pattern.

None of the work to date demonstrates whether Chi can exist without electromagnetic fields (biological or normal), but since Dr. Khronos work clearly shows that EMF can act as a carrier for Chi, one can not rule out the possibility that some level of Chi (even Chi noise) is always present anytime electromagnetic fields are present. This is important for controlling exact research conditions for EMF imprinting in water and may suggest that EMF is not the active agent. If proof for non-local effects were present with Chi then traditional EMF theory would also be insufficient and a more comprehensive unified field theory would be required that includes quantum mechanics, normal forces, gravity, information mechanics and Chi.

3.0 Theory for Imprinting of Water

Water has been used in brewing herbs, remedies, and homeopathic solutions throughout history. Many researchers have reported imprinting electromagnetic frequency patterns in water. Some specialty water bottlers are selling charged water. How can the scientific community make sense of all of this product research and potential product claims?

The mechanisms of imprinting water includes dilution (homeopathic remedies), succussion, vortex, aeration, ozonation, and many others that will be seen at this symposium. Each one of these mechanisms may have an energetic and/or information impact on water. Much of the confusion of using water as a carrier is the lack of clear separation of electromagnetic and Chi effects. Since Chi patterns are currently not measurable, it becomes even more difficult to objectively identify whether or not water is improved by information and energy imprinting.

In an effort to understand these various preparations of water, this section will discuss the two particular water preparations of succussion and vortex action. These two were chosen because they have simple physical preparation actions that can be analyzed from a unified theory that combines Chi, relativity, quantum mechanics, and information theory.

In particular, succussion and vortex actions both generate a gravitational acceleration field, one an impulse response and the other a continuous field, respectively. Imprinting water by sharply rapping a vial of water on a table (succussion) could be caused by producing a weak de-acceleration field, which is nothing more than an impulse gravitational field. Likewise, creating a vortex by subjecting water to a centripetal forces also creates a weak continuous acceleration field. Both of these acceleration fields are weak, but probably stronger than the earth s gravitation field (or vortex would not form). Other theories could also be attributed to succussion or vortex, but they would have to be common for both impulse and continuous preparation modes.

As is known from Bekenstein s and Schiffer s [15] work, gravitational forces and information mechanics are related for quantum gravity theories. Therefore, both impulse response and continuous acceleration fields could be used as a "gravitational reference field" for imprinting water similar to laser reference beams in making light holograms. The actual pattern imprinted in water could be information waves associated by interference with the electromagnetic patterns being generated by the imprinting device.

3.1 Gravitational Hologram

Under this theory, imprinting of water (or other materials) is analogous to making a hologram, using a gravitation field as a reference pattern interfering with some EMF and/or Chi information source. These two fields will interact in the frequency domain, and will most likely result as some unobservable residual imprint at the quantum mechanical level of the atoms. We assume both EMF and gravity fields are semi-transparent to both water and other matter. Depending on the exact EMF pattern and gravitational reference field, this may result in a true energy observable (eigenvalues) difference such as a water bond angle change (or viscosity) or conversely only an "information imprinting", equivalent to Chi.

The theory of imprinting water presented here has no experimental data supporting it, but is based on the understanding from general holographic techniques, unified quantum-gravity field theories that includes information mechanics, and the reality of imprinting Chi in magnetic tape. This theory suggests, there may be other effects when imprinting water besides the physical "proof" such as bond angle or viscosity.

Imprinting frequency encoded "information patterns" or Chi may result in an "unobservable" information property change that may be the really important active component for "healthy water". Herbal remedies and homeopathic solutions are suspected to have more value due to their information/energy properties imparted into the water rather than purely the chemicals introduced. This same message is reported by Chinese medicine experts and will be discussed by several other papers at this symposium. This theory may help provide a framework for understanding other imprinting mechanisms besides the original two discussed here.

As other researchers start trying to address the question of what is imprinting in water, they should remember that EMF, gravitational, quantum, informational, and Chi effects must be clearly addressed in research methodology and theory. Ignoring gravitational and informational states in regards to quantum mechanics may also lead to incomplete theories. Ignoring the existence of Chi and Chi imprinting during EMF application, is equivalent to ignoring the impact of placebo effect on drug effectiveness studies.

Water imprinting is analogous to writing on a computer disk, and to continue the analogy, a small cottage "software" business has begun to find patterns that are proven to be useful. Water imprinting techniques are akin to "programs or algorithms" and most likely fall under the intellectual property laws normally related to software industry regarding licensing and copyrights. The Chi patterns of Dr. Khronos also fall under this description. Chi detection devices may be useful for resolving future intellectual property claims in this area.

4.0 Conclusions

This paper introduced you to a short history regarding water and Chi from the Eastern perspective. Next, the reality of Chi and Chi imprinting from a western context was supported based on the programmable Chi generator research of Dr. Yury Khronos, working in conjunction with a Chi master named Dong Chen. This was further tied into unified field theory efforts combining relativity and quantum theory with information mechanics.

Finally, the last section introduced a holographic imprinting theory for water that combines all of these elements where gravitational fields act as reference field, EMF or Chi acts as an information pattern, and quantum mechanics or Chi (or other non-local, non-physical information mechanism) acts as a residual information pattern storage mechanism. Based on our understanding of the relationship between EMF and Chi, we believe that ignoring Chi with regards to EMF imprinting in water is essentially ignoring thousands of years of Eastern medical science. Unified quantum-info-gravitational field theories will play an important part in creating a future theoretical framework for advanced water science research and products.

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