Ancient Understanding will Usher in

Next Information Age

Douglas J. Matzke

Dallas, Texas

Originally published online for Prodigy

The huge interest in computers, software, and the Internet seems to be defining and fueling the current information age. This article will introduce you to some research that will define the next phase of the information age that is based on intrinsic "para-informational" properties that many cultures have known about for thousands of years. The next phase of the information age will be based on natural information laws of the universe that are the foundation of our mind.

The new-age movement seems confusing with so many apparently different and unconnected paradigms forming the basis for meditation, alternative health, biofeedback, kundalini, spontaneous healing, remote viewing, out of body experiences, medical intuition, consciousness, homeopathy, Tai Chi, near death experiences, and etc. It was clear that all these seemingly different extraordinary systems of thought must have some common elements. The understanding has been known about by the ancient Eastern cultures for thousands of years, but now western scientists have the theoretical knowledge in research methodology, physics, mathematics, electronics, and information theory to understand the paradoxical nature of this ancient knowledge.

Just as scientists discovered atoms as the basis for all physical matter, DNA as a common building block for all the different kinds of life, and energy laws that hold all this together inside our four dimensional spacetime, the new-age understanding will come from applying information laws. Hopefully, by the end of this article, I will supply evidence to you that information laws are the true foundation of the universe of our mind, and also the physical universe as well.

Our journey will start in the late 1970s and early 1980s when scientists at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEARLAB) were defining experimental protocols and replicating experiments for remote viewing. Remote viewing is a formal double blind protocol defined to demonstrate that people have the ability to access information from unknown remote locations in space. Other experiments demonstrated remote viewing through time as well. A modern less formal version of remote viewing that is used in medical diagnosis is called medical intuition. Remote viewing and medical intuition research are the "white crow" that forces us to realize our view of modern physics is incomplete to account for these para-informational properties of mind that support remote viewing and medical intuition.

The next step in the journey began with physicists that are trying to learn how the universe works. At the beginning of this century, Einstein's relativity research demonstrated that mass, energy, space, and time are all commingled in a mathematically consistent matrix. This mathematical result led to new paradoxical relationships about previously tried and true physical laws. Not only were fixed space and time abolished, but how the observer measured those properties influenced them. This was important to information theories, because computing is also defined as relationships between space, time, and energy. Later, quantum physics research on EPR (and Bell's Theorem) proved other primitive consistency relationships with even more unusual and paradoxical properties requiring non-local interactions.

Relativity (the science of the very big and continuous) and Quantum Physics (the science of the very small and discrete) both demonstrate consistency laws that help define the classical macroscopic physical properties of space, time, matter and energy. Modern scientists combining relativity and quantum theories have discovered that information laws must be included to make consistent "unified theories". The most concrete description of this combined theory predicts that when "information defined as a bit" is thrown into a black hole, the size of the black hole increases "the minimum amount" as if small amounts of matter or energy were tossed in. This means that "black holes" are the ultimate "bit buckets" or giant information blenders. It also means that information is just as "real" to physics as either matter or energy and they are all equivalent in some manner (remember E=mc**2).

So the understanding that is emerging from the new information age is intricately woven into modern physics, and can be modeled after unusual properties in space and time that traditional physics has uncovered. Traditional western science is ready to stop here because of the belief that the brain is the same as the mind. Most scientists have not comprehended that information = matter = energy inside a black hole. The logical conclusion of this is information structures of a non-physical mind may have an impact on classical matter and energy systems, the same as quantum physics does.

The initial research to support this thinking was the done at many labs and was also replicated at PEARLAB. In a nutshell, mental intention has shown to influence the mean distribution of a random number generator. This experimentally supports the concept that the human mind can directly influence probability distributions that are the basis of quantum mechanical processes. This is significant because quantum probability distributions are "non-physical information fields" that have non-local spacetime properties. This was the kind of mechanism that scientists were looking for to support a non-physical theory of mind, and new-age physics books on quantum consciousness support this thinking.

The next significant step came in the late 1980s when a Russian born physicist named Dr. Yury Khronos immigrated into the United States and invented an electronic machine that could generate non-physical information fields that directly interacts with the human energy fields. Western scientists had finally advanced enough to understand and interpret what was known about Chi or Prana in the eastern countries for thousands of years. Our team knows Dr. Khronos' technology is generating Chi because we work with many Chi aware people. One exceptionally Chi aware member of our team is Dong Chen, who is an eastern trained medical specialist.

This revolutionary Chi generation technology could only have been invented in the west because eastern Chi masters have always believed that Chi could only be created and manipulated by living things. Since the Chi generation technology electronically synthesizes Chi patterns, they are very pure and are equivalent to Master Chi produced by highly trained Chi masters.

Dr. Khronos also invented a process for imprinting these Chi energy patterns as a soundless energy pattern on regular magnetic audio tape. When these Vital Energy tapes are played on conventional audio equipment, Chi energy patterns are emitted from the speakers. Even deaf people could experience these Vital Energy tapes since the Chi energy is not related to any sound. Sensitive people who can see auras report they can see colors emanating from the speakers. Energy aware people report they can feel the energy just by holding the vital energy tapes in their hand or carrying it in their pocket. Sixteen different Vital Energy tapes have been created that contain only energy on one side and music plus energy on the other side.

For over five years, Dr. Khronos has been giving seminars all over the country to spread the information about his Vital Energy tapes. Even though a majority of the people in the world culturally understand and "believe" in Chi, most people in the United States do not understand what Chi is or how increasing a balanced Chi flow can benefit them. Unfortunately, most people are currently unaware of Chi and are effectively "color blind" to patterns produced by this Chi generation technology. The majority of people who use Dr. Khronos' Vital energy tapes are spiritually advanced meditators who instantly recognize the tapes' value as a tool to help advance their spiritual and mental growth. Many of our spiritually advanced customers have reported that these tapes help them more rapidly achieve states of awareness (including past life regressions and out of body experiences) that normally take them much longer to achieve by themselves.

You are probably asking yourself, "What does Vital Energy technology have to do with this next information age?" The answer is that the terms "Vital Energy" or "Subtle Energy" are misnomers. Chi is not energy at all but actually some kind of non-physical information field, similar to quantum probability distributions. This information approach helps make sense of the seemingly paradoxical nature of new age paradigms compared to standard physical theories based on energy. The following concrete examples help to illustrate this point.

Traditional energy conservation laws are codefined within a four dimensional spacetime. Information laws (and consistency laws) are more primitive than energy/space/time and actually exist outside normal space and time. This understanding helps make sense of transcendent states where awareness seems to dissociate or decouple awareness from normal spacetime. For example in the popular book "The Celestine Prophecy" our hero sits on top of a mountain and as his spatial awareness expands he is first aware of the entire mountain, then the entire earth, etc. Likewise in the book "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" the author suggests a meditation where one watches the second hand of a clock. When achieving a deep state of awareness, a person should perceive the second hand "stopping" as your consciousness decouples from standard time.

This information model of Chi fields is supported by the Vital Energy technology as well, because different non-physical vital energy patterns can be thought of as different programs. Our research shows that some patterns are perceived by the body to be 100s of times more powerful then others, but the same physical energy is being broadcast.

Dr. Khronos has helped establish two organizations to aid in making his Vital Energy tools available to help people. Seraph is a group of professional in Texas interested in education and research about life affirming technologies such as Vital Energy research. Seraph hosted a world wide web site at URL until early 1998, but seraph currently do not have a web presence.

If the mind truly is an information field outside normal localized spacetime, then dissociation truly means decoupling from spacetime and also normal energy laws associated with a local spacetime metric. Sleep and dreaming really start making sense in this context since non-physical does not mean non-real. Surfing the subjective states of the new-age Internet formed from this non-physical information ocean is the next phase of the information age. Stopping the internal dialog during meditation enables the mind to decouple from spacetime and into the pure information domain of the mind.

This gets us back to the amazing interest in the Internet, especially the World Wide Web. Just as Chi is not limited by either space nor time, the web URL links tend to transcend distance. Since space and time are really interlinked, the whole world seems smaller. As our race and individuals truly understand this next information age based on Chi, the entire universe will become a much smaller place as well.