Direct Conscious Awareness of Chi: Case Study

Douglas J. Matzke

Dallas, Texas

Presented at: Towards a Science of Consciousness 1996 Tucson II from University for Arizona


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During the 1980s, a Russian born physicist named Dr. Yury Khronos, developed an electronic means of generating very specific patterns of Chi energy. Over the last ten years, Dr. Khronos has been using human volunteers sensitive to Chi, to help him scientifically map out what patterns would have useful effects, since no useful device to measure Chi exists. During 1995, Dr. Khronos met a Chinese trained oriental medical specialist and Chi master named Dong Chen. Master Chen was amazed that it was possible to electronically generate Chi, because he was trained to believe very high quality Chi could only be generated by specially trained human Chi masters. Since their meeting, Master Chen's special sensitivity, awareness, and knowledge of Chi has enabled them to determine what patterns correspond to the Chinese system of acupuncture points and meridians.

This paper will discuss the role of conscious awareness of Chi, and how this subjective measure was used to systematically map out what electronically generated Chi patterns were equivalent to ancient knowledge from Kabbalah, Chakras, and the latest mapping of the acupuncture points and meridians. The significance of the subjective process on this Chi technology development will be discussed in the light of western scientific method, including the IMPOSSIBILITY of true double blind Chi studies using Chi sensitive subjects.

1.0 Introduction to Chi

The Chinese know it as Chi, the Japanese call it Qi, the Indians call it Prana, but what is Chi, and why should we in the west be interested in it? Part of the mystery of Chi is that it requires the world view that the majority of the world population has held for thousands of years. The challenge is this world view is not currently understood in the context of western science and deterministic physics. Specifically, Chi is described as a non-physical field around and nourishing living things, but western science does not have the standard western style measurement technology they require to "prove" the existence of Chi, nor do they have the theoretical understanding to comprehend why or how to study this non-physical (by current known western measurement technology) field.

The western style proof for the existence of Chi has always been the major stumbling block to mainstream western science research into the nature of Chi. But just as psychology and quantum probability distributions have been studied and are deemed "real but non-physical" by western measurement standards, Chi is now being studied in the west because of the effects that can be predicted from theory and practice. This paper will add further support to the idea that Chi is real yet non-physical but can still be studied and researched using western style research methodology. The closest analogy to this process is the medical research methodology taking place to understand the placebo effect and medical effectiveness of drugs.

Willis Harman, the President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has been writing and lecturing for years [1] that western science must formally open its doors to include subjective experience into the scientific process. This is specifically apropos for the scientific study of Chi, because as this paper describes, human subjects are currently the only measurement mechanism available for the detection of Chi. Leveraging off Eastern knowledge of Chi and integrating that information into a western model is very important to the process.

Understanding the importance of Chi by western science is a very important first step in the westernization of Chi knowledge. According to Eastern medical knowledge, Chi is an organizing field for life. To maintain good health, the correct balance of Chi must flow through our body just as one's body needs blood or cerebral fluid flowing through our body to stay alive. Good health is derived from the correct balance and flow of Chi.

The understanding that thoughts can direct and effect the flow of Chi, suggests that Chi, the mind, and consciousness are all intimately related. The understanding of this author is[2], if the mind is a non-local information field (rather than an energy field) then understanding more about Chi will lead us to better understanding about mind/consciousness, improved awareness, and improved health. This is the same results predicated from ancient Chi knowledge and supports their notion that Chi is an essential technology.

This case study assumes the theory that Chi and human consciousness consist of the same non-physical organizing field. This idea constitutes a rationale why humans are aware of Chi in the first place, and why it is important to use subject awareness of Chi as an essential measurement approach to the western scientific study of Chi. The third chapter will discuss in detail the fact that Chi truly exists but is non-physical and therefore Chi Generator technology is more than a possibility, but actually exists today.

Chi technology development has been going on the East for thousands of years. Now finally western scientists are combining the western and eastern world views to enable us to build Chi Generators. This technology development depends on human awareness of Chi, but also strongly suggests that a unified field theory, that includes western physics as well as Chi and consciousness, can ultimately be developed.

2.0 Human Awareness and Sensitivity to Chi

The major proof that Chi exists today is the fact that people are sensitive to Chi and describe it in consistent and repeatable terms across many subjects. This subjective experience is no different than people who are wine tasting experts with highly "calibrated tongues" or perfume experts with highly "calibrated noses". In fact, apprentices who have been trained to become very sensitive and aware of Chi are called Chi masters.

A Chi master named Dong Chen works with our development team and his knowledge and awareness of Chi is outstanding, just as the expertise of any world class athlete, musician, or expert is way beyond a typical person's ability. Western scientists must accept that Chi masters are the embodiment of far Eastern Chi knowledge handed down from generation to generation and start benefiting from their knowledge in a systemic study of Chi.

Human awareness of Chi falls into roughly three groups. First, there are people who have no awareness or sensitivity to Chi. It is possible that these people have belief systems that that actually inhibit the flow of Chi into their body. The second group is only slightly aware of Chi and they tend to be open to allowing Chi to flow through them. The third group consists of people who are extremely sensitive to and aware of Chi. Independent of Chi awareness is knowledge about Chi which can include identifying specific Chi patterns similar to how musicians can identify chords or movements from just hearing it.

Chi awareness comes naturally to some people and other people train themselves to be more Chi aware. Since Chi is a natural part of every persons' health, we can all be sensitized to become more Chi aware. The common way many people are already aware of Chi is through strong emotion such as love or hate. Laughter and love (or appreciation) causes the flow of Chi to increase and negative emotions tends to reduce the flow of Chi. When people give you attention they are actually giving you Chi, which makes you feel good.

Anytime you feel good, you are receiving more Chi and anytime you feel bad, your Chi flow is reduced. Exercise, walking outdoors, and breathing fresh air (filled with Chi) tends to invigorate the flow of Chi in people. People who do not know how to get Chi from the earth and the air tend to get Chi from other people by using a variety of attention getting behaviors. Meditation and Tai Chi exercises also stimulate the flow of Chi in people. Many books and seminars exist that teach people these techniques.

Once it is understood that people are aware of Chi, it is obvious that any western style double blind experiment regarding Chi (and absence of Chi) will be problematic. For example, double blind experiments that would test the medical effectiveness of Chi compared to the placebo effect (or no Chi) would not truly be double blind, because many people are directly aware of Chi. This kind of experimental protocol would only be double blind to the experimentalists who are steadfastly unaware of Chi. This understanding needs to be incorporated into research methodology on Chi.

In this regard, our research group called Seraph, is currently working on a "Receptivity Index" that could be given to subjects before and after experiments using Chi. This instrument would sample people's knowledge, awareness, and beliefs regarding Chi, which could be statistically significant to the research outcomes. This non-profit organization called, Seraph, promotes research and education about life-affirming technologies, such as the vital energy technology.

3.0 Chi Generator Technology

The newest avenue for increasing a person's Chi flow, awareness, and sensitivity is to use electronically generated Chi. Many research groups around the world are working on Chi generators. This paper will focus on only one technology and methodology effort, because much of this other work is very secretive. Generating meaningful Chi patterns is just like synthesizing music, because more complex patterns and chords are perceived by people as more pleasing. Just as playing a single note all the time leads to boredom, Chi needs variety and complexity to be meaningful and interesting to people.

This kind of complex Chi generator technology has been invented and developed over the last ten years by a Russian born physicist named Dr. Yury Khronos. Through his own awareness of Chi, Dr. Khronos has found meaningful patterns with various effects on people. For example he has a Chi pattern he calls Quiet Mind, that literally drives the brain state into low frequency theta brain waves and another that produces patterns for each chakra point. Dr. Khronos has developed over 50 different Chi patterns by himself. Dr. Khronos and Master Chen have created many more specific patterns since their collaboration last year.

Dr. Khronos' Chi generator contains two separate pieces of technology. The first is the programmable electronic Chi generation equipment and the second is the process for imprinting the Chi patterns onto normal magnetic audio tape. When Chi is generated and imprinted as a soundless pattern onto standard audio tape. The resulting tapes contain Chi patterns (plus added music) that can be played on standard audio equipment to reproduce the Chi. These "Vital Energy Tapes" are perceived to produce Chi that is identical to the original Chi generation machine. Both the Chi generator and tape imprint technologies are trade secret.

When playing the Vital Energy Tapes, the speakers' electromagnetics actually emit the Chi patterns, but the paper sound cones are not required since the Chi is not encoded as sound. Deaf people could also benefit from these tapes. Analysis of the tape containing Chi produces no perceivable output pattern from the tape. Chi is different from electromagnetics, but electromagnetics can be used as a carrier for Chi. One of the interesting results of these Vital Energy Tapes, is Chi aware people have reported they can benefit from the tapes just by carrying them around in their pocket. The atemporal aspects of Chi result in a static Chi field effect without even playing the tapes, but just holding them. See another paper at this conference [3] that describes the theoretical aspects of Chi in more detail.

Some people might ask, why do we need Chi generator technology when humans can already naturally use and access Chi from the world around us. Our answer to that is people are capable of doing simple math with pad & paper, but complex math problems are handled easier by calculators and computers. Another example is people can dig a ditch with a shovel but for very large jobs a backhoe is useful. Chi generators can be used as a tool for learning, just as biofeedback equipment are used to teach about other barely conscious physiological processes.

The goal is to use these tapes as a tool to aid in one's Chi awareness and knowledge, and not replace natural forms of Chi in nature. People who have used these tapes have written many letters to us describing how the Vital Energy Tapes help them to achieve states of awareness much more rapidly then they normally achieve by themselves during meditation. People who can see auras have reported seeing aura patterns emitting from the speakers while playing the Vital Energy Tapes.

Since these tapes can produce quite exaggerated states of awareness, we strongly recommend to never play them while driving a motor vehicle. Earphones should not be used with vital energy tapes, because the Chi would only be projected on the head. The Vital Energy Tapes are being marketed via a company called Convergent Systems, Inc. CSI has a web site at that contains more information about the sixteen different tapes currently being marketed. The Vital Energy Tapes contain energy on both sides plus music on one side. The Seraph group maintains the web site at and hosts CSI as well as several other groups working in this area.

Dr. Khronos has been giving seminars all over the country about his Vital Energy technology and tapes during the last five years. Time and time again he has demonstrated that people who are very aware of Chi instantly recognize the value of his work, and people who are less aware or have no awareness of Chi become interested in learning more about it. Chi generation technology is in it's infancy, and just as sound synthesizers became more sophisticated over time, so to will Chi generators become more sophisticated compared to theses early models.

This concludes the chapter on Chi Generator technology developed by Dr. Khronos. It is clear from this work that 1) Chi is very real yet non-physical 2) Chi generators are a reality today, 3) subject awareness of Chi is critical to this work, and 4) understanding about Chi technology and theory will lead to the next step of better formal models compatible with western physics as well as Chi detector technology.

4.0 Methodology for developing Chi patterns

Two methods were used to develop specific Chi patterns and both of them currently depend on human awareness or knowledge of Chi. The first method is the "Self Discovery" and the second is the "Chi master guided" method of rediscovery. Each of these will be described in detail in the next paragraphs in this chapter.

For many years, Dr. Khronos developed specific patterns by the "Self Discovery" method. This is equivalent to a self taught musician who must discover interesting chords and melodies without the aid of music or a professional music teacher. This effort was approached as scientifically as possible by using a volunteer team of Chi aware people to confirm the intent of the specific patterns generated.

Dr. Khronos would chose an effect he wanted and then try different patterns on his equipment until he got the effect he was looking for. Then he would imprint some tapes with several similar Chi pattern and send the tapes to several volunteers who were usually not told what was the goal for the tape. He would take their feedback and additional impressions, and continue this process until satisfied with the result.

This "Self Discovery" method was not totally blind. Dr. Khronos used the knowledge from the Kabbalah to guide the patterns he used. Specifically he found that the Tree of Life has ten points (or circles) with each point representing a color, an emotion, a planet, and an element. As a physicist, he started exploring the Chi patterns that would represent the elements and this proved to be a successful approach. Many of the Vital energy tapes have sequences of Chi patterns with elemental frequencies. For example the tapes, Empathy contains the patterns of lithium and Energy Booster contains four different elemental energies.

This "Self Discovery" method served Dr. Khronos well during the early years. The "Chi master guided" method would prove to be the next giant step forward in the Chi technology methodology. Through their awareness and knowledge, Chi masters can directly recognize which Chi patterns correspond to the ancient acupuncture meridian system, as well as other schools of thought used for organizing Chi knowledge. These systems have been developed and standardized for thousands of years as a direct result of standardizing Chi awareness in the far East.

Systematically mapping Dr. Khronos' generator technology into these other Chi contexts is the current work being supported by Seraph. Using Dr. Khronos' same programmable equipment, these new Chi patterns will allow much of Chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathy) to be recreated using complex synthesized Chi patterns. The patterns for non-intrusive acupuncture are a reality in the lab today as a result of Chi awareness of a Chi master. The next phase of this technology development will be clinical trials, and these trials need to start with qualified personnel and reputable medical facilities. Just as acupuncture therapists have done for thousands of years, human awareness of Chi will be useful in applying the right kind and amount of Chi in a clinical setting.

The benefit of the "Chi master guided" methodology over the "Self Discovery" is evident. Correlating ancient knowledge with modern technology and verifying the result using the very discriminating awareness of a Chi master leads to a very rapid technology development cycle. The only slowdown required in this process is the researchers may spend many hours every day under experimental Chi patterns. Just as bread is used to clean the palette between courses of a meal, the researchers must not be under these patterns all day, or it will effect the balance and awareness of their own systems strongly.

Awareness and knowledge go hand in hand through the technology development process for Chi. Chi generator technology development and clinical applications will continue to rely on human awareness of Chi, until such time other measurement technology is developed.

5.0 Conclusions

Chi exists as a natural part of our world and is very real even though it appears to be non-physical and western science does not currently understand it like they understand electromagnetics. Humans are naturally aware of Chi and when trained as an apprentice under a Chi master, they can develop exquisite awareness and knowledge of Chi. Human awareness of Chi is currently being used to develop and refine Chi patterns being produced by Chi generation equipment. During these early years of Chi generator development, subjective awareness of Chi is fundamental to the scientific process of westernizing Chi technology. Theoretical work regarding Chi as primarily an information field, is helping to make Chi comprehensible within the western scientific community. Ultimately the physics of Chi must rely on a unified field theory that comprehends quantum fields, gravity fields, Chi, and human consciousness.


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